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What So Not @ Shambhala 2014

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You’re never too old to rave ..


"Guys no matter if you’re gay or straight or blue or purple or yellow and green or alien, we come together because we love music. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, as long as you have a child inside. That’s why we come to these festivals, so we can be children forever."

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Silly new track up! Had alot of fun working on this one~


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Okay Shake That (DJ Dan X Shiba San MVK edit)

For all you Shiba lovers out there. 


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Another mini milestone for me! Can’t believe it’s already been ten weeks since I reached my 100th mix of Trance Therapy. As always this weeks mix will be four hours long as you can see. Every 10th mix of TT will always be four hours long and usually it’s a recap of the greatest tracks that I have played during the last 9 mixes of TT. Great tracks from the likes of, XGenic, The Thrillseekers, Lee Osborne, Harmonic Rush and many more! I hope you all enjoy this weeks mix.

Press play to begin your session.

Trance Therapy 110


01. Intro
02. Mark Sherry - A Star Within A Star (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
03. Chris Metcalfe & Allen Watts - Breakthrough (Original Mix)
04. Sunset feat. Diana Leah - Carry Me Away (Tangle Remix)
05. North & Sanchez - Ooosh! (Original Mix)
06. Robbie Seed & Paul Rigel - Letter To The Sun (Original Mix)
07. Flynn & Denton feat. Audrey Gallagher - Say My Name (Original Mix)
08. Sunset - Under The Sea (Philippe El Sisi Remix)
09. Grasse - Newton’s Cradle (Original Mix)
10. Jordan Suckley & Paul Webster - HELP! (XGenic Remix)
11. Arctic Moon & Paul Webster - Valhalla (Original Mix)
12. Kevin Crowley - Brave The Storm (Original Mix)
13. Sebastian Brandt - Repercussion (Original Mix)
14. The Thrillseekers - This Is All We Have (Original Mix)
15. Dimension - Valhalla (Original Mix)
16. Will Rees - Withhold (Original Mix)
17. Faruk Sabanci & James Dymond - Sphinx (Original Mix)
18. Mostfa & Mostfa - Nosara (Altered States Remix)
19. Lee Osborne - One Way (Original Mix)
20. Eddie Bitar - Metal Mouth (Original Mix)
21. Solis & Sean Truby feat. Irina Makosh - Forever (VELA’s Reconstruction)
22. Jens Jakob - Neptune (Stephane Badey remix)
23. French Skies - Invictus (Tuomas.L Remix)
24. Orion’s Dawn - Always Be There (Jonathan Carvajal Remix)
25. SoundGate - Time For Changes (Dreamy’s Energetic Remix)
26. Johan Ekman - Never Change (Original Mix)
27. Simon Bostock - Conscience (Original Mix) 
28. Sean Tyas - Unleash (Original Mix
29. Matt Hardwick vs. Gulf - Impossible ( John O’Callaghan Remix )
30. Ascania - Contact (Original Mix) 
31. ZiRENZ vs Ben Alonzi & Adriz - Take Me To Heaven (Mindful Innovations Remix)
32. Harmonic Rush - Head Rush (Original Mix)
33. Paul Rigel - Never Look Back (Original Mix)
34. Sam Jones - Buckle Up (Original Mix)
35. Jase Thirlwall vs. Motorcycle - As The Rush Freaks (John O`Callaghan Mashup)
36. ReOrder & Darren Porter - The Void (Original Mix)
37. Tasso feat. Eliza Doe - Crystal Clear (Ally Brown Vocal Remix)
38. Tuomas.L - Warzone (Original Mix)
39. Sneijder & Bryan Kearney - Next Level (Psyneijder Remix)
40. Allen & Envy with Sarah Lynn - Save Your Last Breath (Original Mix)
41. Andy Duguid, Jaren - 7even (Adam Ellis Remix)
42. Paul van Dyk feat. Second Sun - Crush (Adam Ellis Remix)

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